Tell tail signs that you may need a new boiler

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Did you know that an old boiler can not only be costing you more money on your energy bills, but it could also be a potential health and safety hazard? Here are the tell tail signs that you might need a new boiler.

A cold house

This will be the first sign that you have an issue with your boiler. You’ve put your boiler on, but your home isn’t getting warm. So, what’s wrong? There may be a blockage in your boiler, or radiators, or it may be something else. Below are some tips to help you identify what may be causing the issues.


Radiator and system flush

When we install a new boiler, we will flush and clean out your old radiator system to remove any residue build up. During the boiler install, we will protect your new boiler, by adding a magnetic filter, called Magnaclean, which is designed to maintain and protect all domestic central heating systems from the damaging effects of iron oxide sludge build up. Also, during the install, we will  add in a cleaning agent, called Fernox F3 which will remove any debris and improve your boilers efficiency.



How old is your boiler? The average life span of a boiler is 10 years.



Is your boiler becoming noisy? Have you heard hissing, popping or knocking sounds? It might mean the pump isn’t working properly, the bearings of the fan are worn out or there is uneven water distribution.


Water issues

Is there a change in the water temperature or the hot water won’t work unless the heating is on? There could be an issue with the pipes, or a diverter valve fault.



A leaking boiler is cause for concern, as this may be due to a broken component, or, the seal or pressure valve could be damaged.


Constant low boiler pressure

Low pressure on a boiler could be caused by a number of things, such as bleeding radiators, needing a new pressure valve or leak. A huge give away that there’s a problem if you’re losing pressure quickly, after re-pressurising it. It could also be a faulty expansion vessel.


Need a new boiler? No problem.

We have a team of qualified heating engineers who are happy to fit a new boiler for you. Our boilers come with guarantees of up to 7 years.


Annual servicing

It is important to note that you need to service your boiler annually, to ensure that the system is running efficiently. Also, an annual service will keep your manufacturer’s warranty valid. Each manufacturer’s warranty will differ slightly, so it’s best to have a look in your manual for more information.


Payment options

We have various payment options available, such as: flexible finance. If you’re on benefits, you may qualify for funding via the ECO scheme or, you can for the boiler outright.