Why wait to insulate?

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Have you insulated your loft? If not, it might be a good time to think about it. A study by Which shows that an insulated loft can save you up to £240 every year, and those savings start kicking in straight away.

So, why insulate your loft? Quite simply, loft insulation stops heat escaping through the roof. The heat from your central heating stays within your home, and can’t escape through the roof. If you look at thermal imaging photos of houses without loft insulation, compared to those which do, a shocking amount of heat can get out through an uninsulated roof. An uninsulated roof can let around 25% of the heat in your home escape – that’s a quarter of your heating bill going to waste.

Should you be planning on selling, or renting, your home, you’ll also find its energy performance certificate grade improves, making it a more attractive prospect for future inhabitants looking to save money.

Already got loft insulation? Head up to your loft with a tape measure and measure its depth. Historically, 100mm loft insulation was sufficient, but the current recommended thickness for insulation is 270mm. It’s also possible that your old insulation has lost height with age, or has been compressed by things sitting on it. If you have insulation but it’s not 270mm, consider having it topped up to maximise the benefits you’ll receive.

If you’re hesitant to have your loft insulated because you’re worried that you might lose storage space, there are plenty of workarounds for this. Simply insulate between the joists, and cover the mineral wool with a hard insulation board, before covering with wooden boards. Alternatively, you can purchase floor raisers for lofts, which allow you to install full height 270mm insulation, enabling you to receive the maximum benefit.

Once your loft is insulated, you should find that your loft insulation lasts for around 40 years. Sit back, and enjoy the savings. Your initial investment should pay for itself in no time at all. Get in touch with Warm Front, and let’s talk about how we can fit loft insulation in your home.