Why spring is a good time to upgrade your boiler

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If your boiler limped its way through winter, you’re probably aware that you should consider getting a new one. With spring beckoning and the warmer weather putting in an appearance, you might be tempted to put off sorting out a new boiler until the following autumn, as you won’t be using it as much. Yet, out of sight, out of mind isn’t necessarily the best strategy to take. It can really pay to upgrade your boiler now, rather than leaving it until it gets cold again later in the year, even if you might not need to use it as much over the following months.

Upgrading your boiler now is more convenient than leaving it until you really need it again. As the weather gets warmer, you’re less likely to be inconvenienced by replacing your boiler if you don’t rely on it as much. It also means that you don’t need to rush into making any decisions and you can research all your different options. If your boiler conked out during the depths of winter, you don’t have the luxury of time to peruse your different options, and will need to make a quick decision to get it working again. By browsing your options now at your leisure, you may get a better deal, and may even find that you qualify for a free boiler or heating grant.

By taking your time to weigh up your different boiler options, one of the other benefits is that you can decide if there are any other upgrades that you want to make to your home during the summer. In some cases, it may be more sensible to get a new boiler installed first, before you do any decorating or DIY jobs, for example, especially if you decide to get a boiler of a different size or you choose to have it located in another part of the house. This is also the case if you have insulation installed over the coming months. By getting insulation fitted now, you can decorate walls or make improvements to your attic before winter arrives again.