Want to save money?

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During this uncertain moment in our lives, it’s vital to keep those purse strings closed! So, whilst you’ve got some free time, why not take a look around your home to see where you can save money.

Here’s a checklist of things you can do now, or prepare for when our lives return to normal.

  • Leaving devices on standby. Did you know that by turning your devices off, you can save up to £80 a year.

  • Do you have energy saving light bulbs? On average, you can save £9 a year by using energy saving light bulbs!

  • Switch energy supplier; see what you could save here.

  • Do you leave the tap running whilst you brush your teeth? If you do, you could be wasting up to 6 litres of water each time you brush. Imagine the money you could save, just by turning your tap off.  The same could be applied when washing your hands, once the water is warm.

  • Everyone loves a long hot soak in the bath, but during these tough times, have a shower instead. You could save on your heating and water bills.

  • Keep the heat in! In order to stop your heat loss through your walls and loft, insulation is a must for every home. We are following government advice and not currently completing surveys. However, you can make an inquiry and we can arrange a survey for a future date.

  • So what are your other options for the now? If you have laminate flooring, add rugs where possible. Check where the cold is coming in. Is there a draft around your windows and doors? Draft proofing can be effective in reducing draughts.

  • An EPC (Energy Performance Certificate) is a great way to find out where you’re losing heat and what needs to be done to prevent heat from escaping from your home. If you’re not sure if you have an EPC for your home, you can check here. EPC’s are valid for 10 years. When we get back to normal and can do an EPC survey, which will give you a better understanding of your home.

Remember, the lockdown wont last forever, but for now, sacrifice your normal little luxuries to save as much money as you can.