Solar panels and batteries: the future of home power

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Solar panels are getting more effective, and even in the UK they can help to lower your energy bills and your carbon footprint. But what is the end game? What is the future of solar power? Well, America may have the answer.

Elon Musk’s Tesla, the company behind the iconic electric sports cars, has now released a PowerWall battery unit for the home. This is technology in its infancy and even Musk has not connected it to his solar panels, created by one of his other companies, just yet. The future, though, is an exciting time where electricity bills could, potentially, become a thing of the past and every home generates its own power at the source.

As solar panels and the wall-mounted batteries get more efficient, eventually it is virtually inevitable that the panels will be able to harness enough power to keep the average family home running through the day and night, stored on their own premises in these advanced batteries. At this point the power companies will have to look for alternative sources of employment and few homeowners will shed a tear for the companies that have been sending them ever-increasing bills for years.

Of course, you can make a start right now by fitting the most efficient solar panels to your home and reducing your annual power bill by a solid margin. Solid thermal panels can be used to heat water constantly, which is then used for your baths and heating. Add an air source or ground source heat pump to the equation, as well as a solid programme of insulation, and you could become virtually self-sufficient in terms of your heating, at least, and your electricity bills could get slashed to almost nothing, along with your carbon footprint.

The future is battery-powered and while we are not quite there yet, there are a number of steps you can take to minimise the damage your home does to the environment and your finances. So if you want to take a bold step towards this bill-free future, get in touch and see how we can revolutionise your heating system.