How an energy performance check can benefit you

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An energy performance check is a great way to see how energy-efficient and environmentally friendly your home is. You must have an energy performance check carried out if you intend to sell or rent out a building, but EPCs can be useful on other occasions as well. Why wait until you’re about to sell or rent your property to find out how efficiently it uses energy?

Are you considering installing energy-saving features (such as insulation) in your home? If so, energy performance checks can help you decide what sort of energy-saving measures you need. Some homes may only need a few simple adjustments to make them completely energy-efficient, whereas others may require more extensive additions. You can’t always tell how much you will need to do to your home to improve its efficiency: an EPC can provide you with vital information and enable you to make a more informed decision.

You may already have an Energy Performance Certificate from a previous check. However, you may have made changes to your home that affected its energy efficiency, either positively or negatively, since your last energy performance check. As such, it can be important to have a new check carried out, even if you already have a certificate.

Energy performance checks are one of the simplest, most straightforward ways to assess your home’s energy efficiency: your property is given one grade that indicates how efficiently it uses energy and another that indicates how significant its environmental impact is. In both cases, the best available rank is ‘A’, with each subsequent letter representing a lower level of efficiency of high level of CO2 emissions. Because of the simplicity of its rating system, an energy performance check can be easier for ordinary home-owners to understand than other means of measuring a home’s efficiency.

If you want to improve the way your home uses energy, having a check carried is a fantastic first step. So don’t wait: have a check done as soon as possible. Our team of assessors are experts at carrying out energy performance checks quickly and smoothly, so that you can find out how efficient your home is as soon as possible.