Don’t wait until the last minute to have an EPC carried out

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As you may be aware, you are obligated to have an energy performance check (or ‘EPC’) carried out if you intend to sell or rent a property. But could you benefit from having an EPC carried out early? There are advantages to having an EPC carried out on a property several weeks or months before selling or renting it. Energy performance checks allow you to find out how energy-efficient your property is. It is clearly helpful to know this information before you even start the process of putting a house up for sale or rent.

The most important benefit of an early energy performance check is that it will give you the opportunity to improve your property’s energy efficiency before putting it on the market. Your property’s energy efficiency can affect its market value or the rate of rent you will be able to charge for it. It is therefore advisable to make simple improvements (such as loft insulation and cavity wall insulation) to increase that level of efficiency. However, you will need time to have these improvements carried out. Ergo, you should find out how energy efficient your home is and how extensive the improvements you need to make are as early as possible. An EPC is the simplest way to do this.

Of course, even if your early EPC shows that your property doesn’t require efficiency improvements, you won’t have wasted any effort or money by having it done. After all, you’d still have to have an EPC carried out at some point! What’s more, you will be able to start thinking about how to use your home’s energy efficiency as a selling point sooner. There really is no reason not to have your energy performance check done at the earliest opportunity.

Here at Warm Front Ltd, we pride ourselves on being able to carry out thorough, reputable energy performance checks at prices you can afford. If you’re considering selling or renting a property, get in touch with us so that we can carry out a energy performance check as soon as possible. We can guarantee that it’s worth having it carried out early!