Choosing the right cavity wall insulation solution for your home

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One of the most common root causes of cold and damp in British houses is lack of proper insulation. You could be losing up to a third of your heat through your walls without even knowing it, pushing up your energy bills by hundreds of pounds per year and compromising the comfort and energy efficiency of your home.

Cavity wall insulation is one of the best ways to combat this issue, filling in the gaps in your external walls to promote heat retention and keep encroaching damp at bay. Almost all homes built after 1920 are suitable for cavity wall insulation, with several options available to suit the style and design of your home.

Blown mineral fibre

Also known as Rockwool or mineral wool insulation, this specially treated material is blown into your wall cavities via several holes created from the outside. It is one of the most cost-effective and commonly used solutions, with rigid and water repellent properties making for a relatively easy installation and a high level of protection.

ESP beads

A highly effective solution offering excellent thermal efficiency, ESP involves blowing thousands of tiny polystyrene beads into your wall cavity and binding them with a special agent or adhesive. They are particularly suitable for narrower cavities, due to the fact that before the binding process, the beads can easily flow through and fill every unprotected space. They are also free from rot and decay, and provide no nutritional value for insects and parasites that could otherwise thrive in a poorly insulated wall cavity.

Injected foam

A premium solution suitable for problem cavities and walls that would benefit from additional structural support, polyurethane (PU) injected foam expands to fill the cavity and binds to the inner and outer walls. A denser drill pattern is required to install injected foam cavity wall insulation, but once injected it will fill in all voids and gaps for comprehensive heat loss protection with strong water repellent properties. At Warm Front, we are an approved installer of Isothane Technitherm, an injected foam solution specially tailored for narrow and hard-to-reach cavities.

If you’re not sure which cavity wall insulation solution is right for your home, a member of our team will be happy to discuss your options. Contact us now to arrange a no-obligation evaluation from a member of our team.