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Renewable Heat Incentive

Renewable heat incentive (rhi)

Renewable heat incentive (rhi) explained

The UK government described the scheme as follows:

The domestic RHI was launched on 9th April 2014 and provides financial support to the owner of the renewable heating system for seven years. The scheme covers England, Wales and Scotland and is targeted at, but not limited to off-gas households.

The UK government’s department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy (BEIS) makes key policy decisions and energy regulator Ofgem E-Serve administers the scheme. Policy documents can be found on the UK government website. The eligibility requirements and rules of the scheme are on Ofgem’s website.

Ofgem have also published a document of case studies from the domestic RHI for information.

Please note that the information on this page is not an exhaustive list of all the criteria of the domestic RHI scheme.

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